27 December 2014 – today I woke up with an idea to start a youth club called “The Chins and Dips Club”. It has evolved out of an accumulation of thoughts I’ve been entertaining over the past year.

In my previous blog (November 2014) I mentioned a personal dream to be involved in raising up an army of mentors who have a heart to see troubled youth rise above their circumstances and embrace big dreams.

The thoughts I woke up with this morning are about a strategy to implement that dream. Continue reading THE CHINS AND DIPS CLUB

Passion for Health

I strongly value three areas of health, each of which impact significantly on the others.

The areas I’m talking about are PHYSICAL, MENTAL, and SPIRITUAL. (I was going to call this item PMS Health, but obviously that wouldn’t attract the appropriate audience.)

I like to keep everything as simple as possible, so I’ll only write a few points on my approach to each of these. Continue reading Passion for Health