Website Launch

I’ve just launched my new website This is my first experience of developing a website which contains more than one document. It is also my first experience with recording YouTube items and writing blog updates.

For the past thirty years I’ve had a compulsive habit of journalling. Most days I have some thoughts, experience, or insights I want to capture. Consequently I’ve ended up with heaps of exercise books full of daily entries.

I have a desire to provide some encouragement, inspiration, or motivation to people who are struggling with any area of life. This desire probably comes from my own personal struggles with varying degrees of depression, anxiety and self-limiting mind sets. Through the application of my spiritual beliefs, I’ve developed strategies to manage and progressively overcome these challenges.

I value and receive inspiration from books and movies about people who have risen up out of extreme adversities to achieve significant outcomes for themselves and others. Occasionally I may use the blog to briefly review one of those books or movies.

However, as the blog is a new experience for me, I’ll take it on as an adventure in sharing and see how it evolves.

I welcome any email comments or questions about anything I say or write.