Bob’s Articles

All This Rubbish

One Easter Sunday I took a young friend to our church service. He didn’t really want to be there but came along mainly to keep me happy. In the middle of the sermon he turned to me and mad a comment. A very mild interpretation of the comment would read, “Why am I listening to all this rubbish?” … Read More

The Not So Interesting

One day I was walking along a lonely beach and spotted a rather unusual piece of driftwood lying on the sand. It had a secondary piece which was curled around the main stem in such a way that kept you thinking about how it could have formed that way … Read More

The Restorer’s Garage

Have you ever known a real enthusiast in the skill of car restoration? If so, you won’t have any difficulty imagining the following situation. Jim makes an urgent phone call to his mate, Bill. “Come over here quickly. I’ve got something really exciting to show you.” … Read More

This Is My Brother

From time to time we all meet people to whom we have a great deal of difficulty expressing any level of brotherly love. It may be people we work with, someone at school or in our sport club, or a neighbour. I remember one such individual. We seemed to be in conflict over every situation common to both of us … Read More

Two Handfuls Of Meat

Here’s a little message for anyone who has ever had a problem with low self-esteem. I consider myself a bit of an authority on this subject because I’ve had a few battles with it over the years. However, something that has really helped me to overcome this particular mindset is the realisation that low self-esteem is an insult to God … Read More