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Life’s Two Biggest Questions

Life's Two Biggest Questions Booklet Cover
There are two questions which confront most people at some time in their lives.

What is the meaning of life?
Is there life after death – and if there is, how can I be sure I will go to a good place when I die?
With respect to everyone’s personal beliefs, I want tell you about a couple of short passages out of the New Testament, which I believe hold the Christian response to these two questions.

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Give Me A HugGive Me A Hug Booklet Cover

At the age of 18, David has had more than his share of growing up challenges.

Both his parents were involved in drugs and crime from the time of his birth and consequently he spent all of his childhood and early teen years with various short-term and long-term foster parents. Some of the fostering arrangements were good experiences for him. Others hold memories he’d rather forget…

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For My Muslim FriendsFor My Muslim Friends

Over the past few years I’ve enjoyed getting to know some of the local Muslims in my area, and valued their cultural qualities.

After doing some reading about Islam and the content of various sections of the Quran, I’ve decided to share the following brief message about my own spiritual beliefs with Muslim people I meet…

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